The Hip Hop Critique

I’ve always felt that a lot of hip hop critics don’t inform the reader of their hip hop bias regarding the various lanes hip hop can fall under. During my earlier years I fell in love with story tellers(the more controversial the better) and hard beats.

My juvenile mind, due to lack of life experiences, not being able to process soulful/conscious and heavy 808 inspired hip hop.

The Former not being able to resonate with me as I couldn’t align my emotions/thought process to what I then considered heavy material that would require me to introspect.The latter sounding too simple in terms of the rhyme scheme, although the beats were pretty hard.( *Side note*: Africans are passionate and one way we’ve always expressed that passion is though our inherent adaptability to drums and base and rhythm.

The rise of African trap should come as no surprise as we’ve always been inherently built to appreciate such sounds. Think about protest songs and how easy it is for the conductor to make up a simple rhyme scheme that the crowd can follow, trap is basically that, a simple rhyme scheme, easy to learn.)

Unknowingly, there were talented artists and producers out there able to take various tropes from each lane to create their own unique sound.

This has brought me to my 5 Rules Of Analysis 

  • Rhyme pattern complexity
  • Consistency in story told/sticking to the theme
  • Production quality
  • The beat
  • Ability to make story relatable


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