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The narrative  is that by managing uncertainties we end up with known and calculated risks. Known risks are a direct product of uncertainties with limited capacity. The uncertainties are not infinite but can be accounted for, thereby reducing the number of risks that could occur.

 The inverse is quite a conundrum in that uncertainty is actually a result or reflection of immeasurable risk. Without working out the propensity (including actual number thereof) of probable risks, it creates an uncomfortable reality of unknown unknowns.

As one compadre alluded, we need to take care of the incompletes (now, present moment) in order to prepare for the (future of )unknowns. As life does, one needs to always, in every impending scenario, whittle down the choices suitable in order to only be left with actual decision-making when the situation (scenario) manifests. Call it forward thinking, being thorough in planning or preparedness.

A man once asked his master: why do you teach me war when you preach peace? To which the master replied: It’s better to be a warrior in a garden than a gardener in the middle of a war. 

It is with this precept that one needs to choose their anchoring, driving/living principles.

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